Olympos was established in 2000 and has achieved a steady growth by producing according to quality standards. By following the technological and scientific developments from the past to the present, it continues to develop by aiming to further development in the light of its vision and mission. It is aware that it is necessary to adapt the principles of the company to the changing and developing world. In line with all these principles, we are providing professional and reliable service.

Our marble plate line is located in Isparta Organized Industry and our mosaic, profile and tile line is on the 9th kilometer of Burdur - Afyon Highway. We have been exporting our products to many countries since 2000 with our wide range of products.


In this period when fashion is changing rapidly, it is to be the first brand that comes to mind when it is mentioned in the marble sector by closely following the different product and quality perception of the consumer.


One of our most important principles is to integrate living spaces with our high quality natural materials and wide product range, to appeal to our consumers visual pleasure and we would like maintain customer satisfaction with our service network.


We try to understand the needs of our customers and we try to satisfy them with our wide range of quality products in line with their needs


We are aware that this is a team work, we support to improve our team members by developing them.


We always prioritize honesty and reliability in our commercial and social relations.


We attach importance to new ideas and constantly advancing technology so that we adapt to the ever-changing fashion.